Friday, February 25, 2011

Pound it Zoe ----- fist pump, Fo' Knuckers, Bro-Fist

another 2 triangle poses right next to teacher "Patrick". It's a buzz in the studio how I'm pounding my yoga challenge. It must be my personal trainer and what she is doing to get me on top of it. Only 4 more days to GO. I feel hopeful.

Last night it made me nervous to see 3 punk males in class. If you are punk with attitude you're at the right place. Eat your humble pie punk. Bikram humbles all men who are smart ass macho Mow-Foes. If I see a punk male fall down in class it makes me chuckle. I don't care IF he falls boob boom. Cry baby. Most punk men are insecure. We're here to open the heart, not prove who is the boss dude. They will find out who is the boss when they practice Bikram.

SOMETHING EXCITING: someone is coming my way. My most favorite male son is coming to live with me for a few months. He has a construction job for a private Tuscan Mansion in Los Gatos. Oh this is so FAB. Now my daughter and son are living with me.

WE ARE WATCHING! That is a special advertisement for the two crazies in my life. Do you remember how I called the LE on the 51/50 next door male who barbecued the porch? It was okay with you. How you felt sorry for him and his alcoholic wife. Guess what, he went to prison and she was married to the con freak. Is that why you felt so comfortable with them? The 51/50 guy was running around in Campbell trying to get away from the law. He was a runny nut! After he left, his drunk wife was picking up guys from the bar, lining them up and fucking everyone for pennies. .....THEN----- squatters moved in. Oh I know, you loved all of those people. You love losers. Is that why you married the drunk ho who likes to take it in the ass? After too much ass fucking, it gets boring. She makes you feel powerful and important. You like to find losers and fix them. I bet the story about the drunk wife picking up guys in the bar makes you stiff and hard right now. Are you getting a puffy? Don't let your new wife know what makes you hard. She'll get crazy on you. Whatever I tell you, you'll not hear. So forget it buddy.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Regular practice every other day till January 2011

Tonight, I had a great class with Darla. This morning I took my bone density supplement. In class I had a lot of strength. I will watch how this calcium helps my body strength. I had a gud class.
Saturday was hell. I get along pretty gud with most teachers. If I don't, the teacher and I have issues. I think its the teacher. Some have torturing attitude. This teacher was wondering why so many students were leaving the class. It was brutal the room temperature. Hey teach, who is the bitch who likes to watch us suffer, WHO is wondering why .....? -were are not still in the room. Duh! I am so bad. I would go the teacher training so I could teach a class and slam the bitch of I like to see you suffer down to the floor. I think, I think terrible thoughts so I can get through this freaking HOT class. Darla said that is not a gud reason to become a teacher. I guess not. I'm not a teacher! I can feel and say what everyone in the room was feeling on Saturday 6:30 PM. I thought that life might soften this teacher BUT.....nooooooooooooooooooo Not yet. Zoe Zane who is a smart ass bitch bikram yoga student.....ha ha ha

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sixty Straight Days - Tuesday August 31. 2010

I did it. I went to the 430 PM PST class. The sun blasts in the back windows. It was difficult with the male mouthy teacher who keep going on and on about anything. Get started and be more cpmpassionate for all of us dude. I liked him for a long time now he gets on my nerves. He is high strunge and does not let up. Not this one for sure. I need layed back and kind.
My duaghter in Utah did it to. She finished the 60 day challenge on her own. The studios in Utah do not do the 60 day cahllenge. Chickens! Not much suppost from Utah for her. It made me realize how blessed I am with the studio I go to in San Jose. It was a defining moment for her. She overcame a huge fear of not finishing.
Now her self esteem will jump up to a different level. She is more empowered. I love it. It made me so proud of her.
Zoe Zane has completed 4 challenges of 60 straight days.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Day 58 and 59---- last class Day 60

Day 58 - sore muscles so I started drinking coconut water.
Day 59 - I have a cramp in my diphram. Oh fuck me! Paninful. I do not want to do the class. I felt the heat of the class, walked in. Stand and deliver Zoe. I did it.
Day 60 - my final class tonight. I can!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Day 56 and 57

Day 56 - before I start the clas I want to go home. I'm sore, body worked to the max.
Day 57 - only 3 more days left before I finish. I had to go to work and finish a big project. I did not want to do it. I left the project, went to Starbucks. I lost a cookie on the way over to Dads house. I want to remove the mid century modern art my brother made in the outside dark room. Shall I go over there and take it or ask my brother? The dark room had termites in the wood walls. eeK!

Friday, August 27, 2010

53, 54, 55 Days of yoga

Day 53- confession I pussy fart in class everyday!
Day 54 - I farted 2 times at the beginning of class. LOL.
Day 55 - My muscles are sore. Last night I threw up. I took some CQ10 for my gums. Not at night Zoe. Tired again. this morning, need to lay down and rest up today for Day 56. I'm so close to the end. I'm holding on. My strength needs to improve over time.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Day 52

It was hot and I was tired since I did not get much sleep last night. Darla, my wonderful teacher showed compassion for me during the class and told me I did a great floor bow. I can never see how good I'm doing. It felt great and I noticed for all my hard work. Doing this yoga, I finally have respect from my fellow yogis. This is a very difficult yoga and shows what you are made off. I'm so happy proud of myself. Only 8 more days to go. I will probably never do another 60 day challenge during the summer. I was lucky this summer it was mild beautiful weather. It is getting hot in San Jose and I do not like the heat. zoe zane